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Our Story

A Century of tradition in hot water towel rails....

Around a hundred years ago an innovative craftsman named Henry Keeling pioneered the hot water circulating towel rail, a concept which became extremely popular with the middle and upper classes, who at the height of the British colonial era, looked to adorn their magnificent residencies with such luxuries.

Henry Keeling's foresight transformed the stately Victorian bathroom into a place of warmth and comfort and, as a consequence, his company's products can still be seen in Royal Palaces and country houses throughout the world. Now, over a century later, Keeling products are still leading the field in design, yet retaining the excellent quality standards so cherished by the company's founder.

From our factory site in Hampshire we are able to offer the complete manufacturing service, trained craftsman manufacture the towel rails using traditional and modern methods, these rails are then polished, finished and packed with delivery straight to your door. Stringent quality controls operate all the way through production to ensure you recieve a product Henry Keeling would be proud of.

We are happy to offer our current traditional and contemporary ranges. Please look through the following pages to make your choice.

We are able to offer you the option of asking us to create an original just for you by using our renowned bespoke service.

You will always be secure in the knowledge whatever option you choose, you will enjoy the benefits of a towel rail manufactured with the latest technology backed by a century of tradition.